In 2011, I left my day job as a pastor to write a book. I planned to write one book. Just one. I figured I could write that book and finally put a life-long self-nagging to bed. Once I crossed it off my to-do list, then I could go back to doing whatever I wanted. Which is mainly playing tennis. But I digress. Well, it took two years to publish that one book. Then, you know how it is when you paint one room in your house and you realize you need to paint the hallway too? Well, I realized I had to write one more book. I had to have a sequel. Then, guess what? I wrote the second book, but because the sequel needed a sequel, I had to write a third book. After almost eight years, I wrote the fourth and final book. Yes, the fourth one is the absolutely last one. I'm done after this fourth one.
Well, I'm done with that series anyway. For now.
The problem is that there always seems to be another book to write. And I just can't seem to stop coming up with something to say (I know that's a shock to those who know me well.)    
So, here I am with my Gray Girl Series finished (for now) and I just published another book. You can read all about this non-fiction book in the Other Books tab, above.
Now I'm working on the next book...about tennis. Yes, I think the world needs a book about the nasty sub-culture of over 40, well okay, over 50, women's tennis. 
Oy, vey. 
Anyhoo. Here's a couple of boring details about me that might help you understand my obsession with writing. 
I grew up in New Hampshire as the fifth of six children in a middle class family. Stable, happy childhood, no major trauma (that I recall) until I attended the United States Military Academy in 1981. That's when my normal, lovely life became quite abnormal and not-so-lovely. Anyway, I wrote all about it in the Gray Girl Series, which is fictional of course. However, there is now a "realisitc-fiction" category which I think works nicely for me. 
After my crazy college years, I served in the Army for five years as a Missile Maintenance Officer (specifically worked with the Pershing Missiles, which were cut in half under the INF treaty) Those were the fun years. I met and married my adorable husband and we produced two even more adorable children, who are now grow-ass adults. We love them. And we're still married. 
Oh, at some point I decided I needed to be a woman of the cloth. I attended seminary, graduated and was ordained in the United Methodist Church. I spent close to twenty years serving churches in pastor and associate pastor roles. Those were interesting years. Books to follow. 
So, that's pretty much it. I'm writing books, playing tennis and drinking wine. Not necessarily in that order. 

As someone who has not experienced life at a military academy, or the military, for that matter, I felt this book offered a compelling glimpse into that world. The author is a masterful storyteller, her characters have depth and complexity, and I couldn't put the book down. I highly recommend this book.

Ann T.

This is a must read, page turner, can't put down kind of book. I read a lot of books-hardback, paperback, kindle, fiction, non-fiction, murder, mystery, sci-fi, history and more but this is my favorite book of the year. Susan does a remarkable job of character development, attention to detail and a spell binding plot with twist and turns. Cadet Jan Wishart is every female cadet, and none of them at the same time. You feel her pain and rejoice in her triumphs. 

Mike McGurk

Thanks for Witch Heart. From the opening page, I was captivated by book 3 of Gray Girl. I have a feeling that with the right agent, we could see you on the NYT Bestseller list. Keep doing what you are doing. It definitely works.

Bill Brooks 

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